Engaging Legal Mystery Series

When not writing mysteries, I enjoy reading them. And for the past week or so, I’ve been binge reading a legal series featuring Joe Dillard. If you enjoy legal whodunits, Joe’s the guy for you. I suggest you begin with the first book in the series: An Innocent Client. It’s available in print, audio, and ebook and is also available to read through Kindle Unlimited.

The stories take place in Tennessee, and you’ll find an interesting mix of cool and quirky characters. Some are noble. Some are not.

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Old Bones Is Now Available

Old Bones (1)The latest Hetty Fox book is now live at Amazon! In this, the second book in the series, Hetty comes up against a new-to-her kind of corpse.

Mix in the usual challenges posed by her resident ghost and her cat, and Hetty is hard pressed to keep up. But our amateur sleuth likes her life in downstate Illinois, and she is determined to thrive here. To that end, Hetty grabs a deep breath, turns her thoughts to the killer, and throws herself into her work.

Read a sample:

I’d hate to know when trouble is headed my way. Being blissfully clueless protects me from experiencing life’s meaner moments until they actually arrive. And so it was on this day.

It was a Thursday. I was seated in my favorite chair with knitting in hand. Blackie, my cat, lay in his basket next to my feet. Andrew, my resident ghost, hovered near the window. He was watching the day’s heavy rainfall and rattling off ways to improve Blackie’s life.

Yeah like he cared diddly squat about my poor cat.

Andrew turned to me and started in again on his list of improvements. “You really must put Blackie out at night. It isn’t good for a cat to be locked up indoors all the time. Besides, he’d get more exercise that way. That would help with his weight.”

Blackie lifted his head and glared at Andrew.

I pulled more yarn free from the skein. “That’s sheer nonsense. Blackie isn’t the least bit fat.”

“Well… if you’d look at him objectively, you’d see he’s not exactly skinny, either.”

I shook my head. “The vet says cats should always be kept indoors. He claims it solves most of the problems people have with cats.”

Andrew scoffed. “I suspect your cat could stand up for himself quite well out in the wilds or anyplace else for that matter. He’s not nearly as helpless as you’d like to believe.”

Andrew was a recent addition to our household. He had appeared in my living room shortly after my move here. He was the ghostly remains of a young man I’d loved during my college days. I’d hoped to marry him some day, but he’d died in a tragic auto accident before that could happen.

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New Book Out

TElfhe second in my Melanie Hart mystery series went live at Amazon late yesterday afternoon. In this book Ginger Black is in charge of the Downtown Business Association’s Santa’s Cabin. But the elf who keeps things running smoothly there has come up missing. Under Association Bylaws, Ginger must take over his duties until a replacement can be found. That means babysitting children who have been dropped off at the cabin while their parents shop. Melanie Hart thinks having Ginger anywhere near raucous children and a laughing fat man could lead to murder. So Melanie takes it upon herself to track the missing man down.

Obviously, I’m excited. It’s available to buy at Amazon for borrow through Kindle Unlimited. Take a minute. Check it out.

Another Giveaway Weekend!

mdnewlLast week it was a short story. This week my gift to you is a full-fledged novel. Our heroine, Victoria Cross, is a little challenged. Work, home, husband, child, it”s a lot to handle. But then a stranger calls, and Victoria’s life careens into a direction she never imagined possible. What, she wonders, is she to do? Handle the details? Mind her own business? Ignore this handsome stranger?

The trick, Victoria soon learns, is deciding what she wants.  But obviously choosing is one thing. Ending up where she wants to be is something else. Especially when a killer cares not at all what Victoria prefers. Never has our heroine felt so all alone. Even she isn’t certain just how all this will work out. This weekend only, download the novel for free at Amazon.

On a side note, I’m enjoying these Weekend Giveaways. I’ve a notion to keep them going. Last week’s short story featuring Sheriff Delton Ross did very well in terms of downloads. Plus, if you’re enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, The Capture is still available for free! Such a deal! Who could resist? The Capture may be downloaded at Amazon also.

For those of you who might have wanted further information on the eight-hour fiction-writing challenge, it is coming. I caught a nasty computer virus this week, but I’m back up to speed now. Fingers crossed.

A New Mystery Series

Write a series, they tell authors today. Wouldn’t you think that would have occurred to me before now? I read mysteries. I’ve always read mysteries. I don’t just read them, I devour them. Nero Wolfe, Campion, Poirot, Miss Marple, Dalgliesh. Stephanie Plum, Kinsey Millhone. You name ’em and they’ve had a place on my book shelf. And what do they all have in common, besides being mysteries? They are lead characters in mystery series!

But in self defense, I didn’t begin this journey to be an author. Nope. I only wanted to write a book. It had been a lifelong dream of mine, and when I learned I could write one and publish it as an ebook with no expense to me, I was off and running. And I wrote one. And that little offering eventually brought me in a nice chunk of change.

But then I floundered. True, I eventually decided to try to write another book. But the second novel didn’t have quite the same tone as the first one. Both books centered on what happened to women when murder intrudes into their lives, but their heroines weren’t quite cut of the same cloth. Both women were good people. Were sympathetic. But one was far more amusing than the other. And it was the funny gal who earned me the cash.

So now, I’ve finally come down to where I should have been from the start. I’m writing a series. Mystery readers love them, right? They must or there wouldn’t be so many of them being written. And now, with one book nearly finished and two more in various stages of construction, I am very near to launching my babes.

Who would believe it? I only wanted to prove to myself that I could write a novel. And now I’m building a series of books. It’s a funny world we live in today. Oh, and the books? They’re light-hearted cozy mysteries, of course.