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The Savings Continue on Day Two of Mega Mystery Sale

Grab a cup of coffee and scroll through a list of free and 99-cent mysteries. This is a multi-author event featuring whodunits, and cozies, and more. Like witches? We got ’em. Or ghosts? They’re there, too. You’ll  also find mysteries featuring, dogs, cats, and assorted baked goods, as well.

So stop by and grab an armful of two. This sale ends tomorrow.

A Big Sale of Mystery Books Starts Today


Kids back in school? Hubby gearing up for fall football? Why not grab yourself a rockin’ whodunit? With all the books in this sale either free or 99 cents, this is your chance to download an armful.

A wide selection ensures you’ll sure  to find something delightful to read. Explore your choices. The deals start today and run through Sunday. Click the poster above or click here to visit the sales page.

Save a Bundle on Mystery and Thriller Books in August

For the entire month of August, a collection of twenty mystery and thriller writers are pricing their wares at the gobble up rate of 99 cents. So grab your self an armload of great books today.

What goes better in August’s heat than a fantastic read in the shade of your favorite tree?  Or if the outdoors is NOT your thing, settle back in a roomy chair in air-conditioned comfort and lose yourself in another world.

Summer days don’t get any better than that.

Here, for you browsing pleasure is the offering of historical mysteries, cozies, thrillers, take your pick.

The offerings are available here.

I Am a Snail

My current WIP is moving ahead so–s l o w l y. Partly, that’s because it’s summer, a season when my protestant work ethics abandons me in favor of taking naps and guzzling numerous glasses of ice tea.

But the main reason for my lack of impressive progress is that I’m working on my first romantic suspense novel.

While I love to write suspenseful scenes, writing romance, at least to the level where I can slap the word romance on its cover, is a terrifying experience.

Please understand, all of my books, have a light romantic thread, as humans do what they are prone to do and fall in love, even when there’s a murder lingering around the edges of their lives. Those are side stories to the murder which always takes center stage. But if I’m going to slap the word romance on this wip, I need to nudge my romantic elements up a notch–or more.

I’m trying. Part of the effort has included reading deeply in the genre. That’s helping some, but I’ve been a mystery reader nearly all my life so the shift isn’t all that easy for me.

I’ve enjoyed the books, though, so I hope that’s a plus. Anyway, should you want to check out my final efforts, keep an eye posted here. I’ll announce when the book’s done and post a sample.

In the meantime, here’s the story’s cover:BLIND FAITH final (2)




More 99-cent Mysteries


Crowe 3 (7)My novel, As the Crowe Dies, will be part of a special sale this weekend. The book is the second offering in the Melanie Hart mystery series.

n this book Melanie faces the prospect of one of her dear friends being arrested for murder. But her faith remains unshaken. She knows he’s incapable of killing anyone. All she must do to clear her good friend is find the real killer. Yeah, right.

All the books in this sale are priced at just 99 cents. Fifty authors. Fifty novels up for your reading pleasure. Watch for more details here.