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murder-3My book, A Rainy Day Murder, features Hetty Fox, a spunky, aging widow along with the ghost of her college sweetheart, who has attached himself to Hetty whether she wants him there or not.  Toss in a corpse or two, and Hetty indeed has her hands full.

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1st Chapter in Latest Hetty Fox Book

I’m currently hard at work on my third Hetty Fox cozy mystery. This is the first chapter in that effort. Any and all feedback is welcome.


“You weren’t supposed to come.” I kept my voice down and swept a nervous eye across the people walking beside me. Approaching my mid-sixties, I didn’t want anyone thinking I was babbling to myself—not even the nameless strangers proceeding down the Amtrak platform with me.

The source of my angst drifted along beside me. He claimed he was the ghost of my college sweetheart, Andrew Peters. Part of me suspected he was simply proof of my decaying mind.

Andrew grinned. “Hetty, you know I’m real and that you’d be lost without me.”

I gritted my teeth. “So you say.”

At least I wasn’t being haunted by an unfamiliar ghost. This one had the same dark eyes, dark hair, and killer smile as Andrew. On the other hand, during those lost years, I had developed gray hair, wrinkled skin, and fallen arches.

“You still look beautiful to me,” Andrew said.

That he knew my innermost thoughts only confirmed my suspicions. I wasn’t sure why or how,  but I’d invented him, an imaginary friend to accompany me through my golden years.

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Eight-hour Writing-Challenge Entry Now Live

capturescaledThe Capture

Sheriff Delton Ross believes in justice. He feels money, influence, and power should not matter when a person stands before the law. So when a fellow sheriff from a nearby county calls asking for help apprehending a criminal, Ross immediately pledges his hand. But no effort ever walks a smooth path and Ross soon finds himself in a pickle. Still, the man is nothing if not resourceful. When he sets out on an assignment, Ross generally likes to succeed.

This exciting short story was written in response to an eight-hour-fiction challenge. It’s available to buy or to read free though Kindle Unlimited. Download your copy today at Amazon