Time Is Running Out

If you haven’t checked out this month’s mystery and thriller ebook sale, now is the time!

Some twenty authors have bonded together to bring you this special offer.  But the 99 cent price tag ends August 31.  Be sure to check out the offerings today.

My Work and a Published Free Book to Enjoy.

I am currently at work on my third book in the Melanie Hart Cozy Mystery series. This book explores in greater detail the relationship between Melanie Hart and Ginger Black. It also looks at just how women should take men these days — or not.

Read the book to learn more. I   expect it will be available before  the February page is ripped from the calendar. But don’t hold me to that.

My recommended read for this month is a British police procedural called Ice Blue. It is  written by  Emma Jameson.  I will not tease you. I simply adored this book. When I  bought it, he book was  free. I wish you similar luck. It is a great mystery as well as a romantic tale which should delight.

Eight Cozie Mystery Bundle

I found this at Amazon. It seems a bargain at only 99 cents.

8 Killer Cozies in one collection!


Mayhem and murder abound in this Cozy Mystery collection. From the United States to the south of France, there’s a fun, quirky amateur sleuth ready to right a wrong and bring law and order back to her neck of the woods.

This bundle features 8 titles from established Cozy Mystery authors, including:

Out on a Limb: A Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery Prequel by Ava Mallory
Mercy & Mayhem: A Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery (Book One) by Ava Mallory
Even Witches Get the Blues by J.D. Winters
Asking for It by Geraldine Evans
Depth of Field by Audrey Claire
Ghost of a Chance by Cate Dean
An Unmourned Man by Issy Brooke
The Third Girl by Nell Goddin

Free Cozy Mystery Available Today

bones-boxes-take-2-5The first book in the Hetty Fox cozy mystery series, Bones & Boxes is free today only. Hetty Fox is an elderly widow, who has recently moved to a small town, where she  is being haunted by her college sweetheart. As annoying as Hetty finds this visitor to be, her cat dislikes him even more. Then when bodies start showing up in her life, Hetty ends up with even more problems to solve. But Hetty has always loved puzzles, so solving a murder feels perfectly logical to her. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WY5C1JM

“Delightful,” says a Goodreads fan.

The third book in this series should be available soon.

Thanks for reading.

Hetty Fox Bounding Through Latest Adventure

“You weren’t supposed to come.” So says Hetty Fox to poor. long-suffering Andrew. Hetty has just arrived in Chicago to visit an old friend. She’s been looking forward to being free of her ghost and the endless warfare that goes on between him and her cat. But Blackie is being cared for by her daughter. If only Hetty could have found someone to corral Andrew, her vacation might have been perfect. That is if that danged corpse hadn’t turned up.

Of course, Andrew is all for Hetty jumping into the murder investigation. It seems even in a big city, the skills of a small-town sleuth can be helpful.

Murder and knitting

Am hoping to release this latest book sometime before June 15th. Follow this blog to learn exact publication date or sign up with one of the other methods listed on my home page.

Thanks for reading.

Anna Drake

What’s Melanie Up To?

Melanie Hart and friend, Ginger Black, are chasing another killer in As the Crowe Dies. In  this book the murderer has struck at the  high school. Father catches word of the death when police put out radio calls for help. Maybe, with dear old dad sending her off to the chase, this time he won’t pull Melanie off the news story.

But Melanie faces even stiffer challenges as there is a new reporter in town. Dirk Weir has moved here from Chicago. He says he’s come to live nearer his daughter. But all Melanie sees is a competitor, the likes of which she’s never faced before.

Meanwhile the killer keeps playing his murderous games, and Melanie and Ginger have their hands full trying to catch up.


Progress with Next Hetty Fox Book

Yay, I can almost see he end of my current book. It’s another Hetty Fox tale. After I finish this work, I’ll start on the third novel in the Melanie Hart series. I’m looking forward to putting Melanie and Ginger back on the road again. In the meantime, here’s an advanced look at the cover for the Hetty book. Hope you like it.