Melanie Hart & Ginger

Melanie Hart is a Dudley Do-Right sort of gal who works news in a small, Midwestern town. Her father owns the newspaper, and she descends from its original owner. She feels intense pressure to keep the newspaper afloat after her father retires.

That could become quite a trick as she’s dating a highly successful accountant who lives in a Chicago suburb. There’s no telling how this attraction may play out. If they were to wed, would he move to Cloverton, or would Melanie abandon her dreams and join him in the “burbs?”

Then there’s Ginger Black, Melanie’s sidekick, who likes to run her world her way. She was the originator of the idea that she and Melanie would rock at tracking killers. She’s opinionated, critical, and determined. How these two women successfully hang together long enough to fight crime is anyone’s guess.

  ~Death Among the Roses~

DEATH2Melanie Hart enjoys her life as a small-town reporter. She don’t even mind, too much, have her father as boss.

But when she stumbles across a body on her way to a wedding, she suddenly finds herself tracking a killer. It doesn’t help that she’s encouraged in this gambit by an erstwhile friend who thinks they’ll rock as sleuths. They know the victim. They know his world, or so they think. But even small towns can come up with a few surprises.

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 ~ As the Crowe Dies ~

Crowe again 3One teacher murdered on school grounds after a heated basketball game. Another teacher suspected of the death.

Melanie won’t quit. Melanie Hart  and sidekick, Ginger Black, don’t want to believe someone they know could be a killer.  Who dreamed  working in high school could be this deadly?

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Work In Progress: Ginger’s Revenge

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