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~ Death among the Roses ~

DEATH2“I hate weddings. I’d never seen one where the bride wasn’t a nervous wreck, the mother a walking zombie, and the groom little more than a second thought.” – Melanie Hart 

Melanie Hart is a mild-mannered, small-town reporter. But when she’s pulled off coverage of the only murder investigation to come along in Cloverton since she started work there, she’s more than a little upset. So when a friend suggests they team up to catch the killer, Melanie decides the idea works for her. Thus begin the adventures of two determined amateur sleuths.

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~ As the Crowe Dies ~

CrowesmashOne teacher murdered on school grounds after a heated basketball game. Another teacher suspected of the death.

Melanie won’t quit. Melanie Hart  and sidekick, Ginger Black, don’t want to believe someone they know could be a killer.  Who dreamed  working in high school could be this deadly?

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Work In Progress: Ginger’s Revenge

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