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Facing a ghost, a dead body, and a cat, Hetty Fox has her hands full. Recently widowed and new to to town, she also must find her place among a village of strangers. That effort is how she discovers her first dead body. It also launches her into her first murder investigation.
But her effort to track a killer gets muddled as ghost and cat compete for her attention. Then there’s her daughter, Megan. How is Hetty to track a killer without tipping her off? Finally, mix in a clever killer, and Hetty finds herself truly challenged in this lighthearted mystery.     

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A Rainy Day Murder


The recently widowed Hetty Fox enjoys her role in a small, Illinois town. But it’s a far cry from her old life in Chicago. Now, she’s headed back to the Windy City to touch base with dear friends and old haunts. It is a trip she has looked forward to for months.

But the ghost of her college sweetheart refuses to stay home with the cat. And murder just won’t keep its distance no matter where Hetty roams. Then, when the victim’s children become chief suspects, Hetty again marches into the fray, going up this time against big city cops.

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High Stakes

High (10)The stakes for Hetty Fox are high in this short story.  Her young grandson has heard of her success with tracking down killers. Now, he is convinced Hetty can find his missing gerbil. Of course the effort also sends Hetty practically nose to nose with another corpse. A missing gerbil. Another murder? It’s all in a day’s work for this determined sleuth.