Need to Find a Killer Mystery or Thriller in Kindle Unlimited?

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Recent Cozy Mystery Releases

This is a list of some of the recently released cozy mysteries at Amazon.  Happy hunting!

  • REEL OF FORTUNE by Jana Deleon             
  • $5.99 
  • DEADLY DELIVERY by Hope Callaghan       
  • $0.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited’
  • BAT OUT OF SPELL by Amanda M. Lee       
  • $3.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • MURDER AT POOCH PARK by Cindy Bell
  • $0.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • SPELL OR HIGH WATER by Gina Lammana
  • $3.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • SPELL ON EARTH by Leighann Dobbs
  • $3.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • THE HAUNTED ISLAND by J. A. Whiting
  • $2.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • WAFFLES & WEEKENDS by Leena Clover
  • $0.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited

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Eight Cozie Mystery Bundle

I found this at Amazon. It seems a bargain at only 99 cents.

8 Killer Cozies in one collection!


Mayhem and murder abound in this Cozy Mystery collection. From the United States to the south of France, there’s a fun, quirky amateur sleuth ready to right a wrong and bring law and order back to her neck of the woods.

This bundle features 8 titles from established Cozy Mystery authors, including:

Out on a Limb: A Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery Prequel by Ava Mallory
Mercy & Mayhem: A Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery (Book One) by Ava Mallory
Even Witches Get the Blues by J.D. Winters
Asking for It by Geraldine Evans
Depth of Field by Audrey Claire
Ghost of a Chance by Cate Dean
An Unmourned Man by Issy Brooke
The Third Girl by Nell Goddin

As the Crowe Dies Is Now Available

The much anticipated publication of As the Crowe Dies is now final. The third book in the Melanie Hart cozy mystery series went live on Amazon Sunday. In this book evil stalks the halls of the Cloverton High School, where both Melanie and her friend, Ginger Black, attended classes as teenaged girls.

Now, they’re all grown up and find themselves hard pressed to figure out what has gone wrong in their once peaceful school.

crowe (6)

Available to buy or free to read on Kindle Unlimited at Amazon.

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Coming Right Up


crowe (6)

Melanie Hart and Ginger Black are close to galloping off into a new adventure. Hope to publish As the Crowe Dies sometime within the next two weeks. Fingers crossed.

In this tale Melanie and Ginger tackle the murder of a high school math teacher. But who did this woman know who’d want to kill her? No one seems to have any idea. Yet as the two dig deeper, they discover all sorts of possibilities. Who dreamed high school could be so complicated?