Ginger’s Revenge

I’m deviating from the normal with my latest book in the Melanie Hart series. Melanie is a reporter who works at her father’s newspaper. She is polite, careful, and  rarely goes off on tangents. She also usually narrates these books. This time her sidekick, Ginger Black, has insisted on stepping on center stage and laying out the tale.

As Ginger puts it: “This is my story and I’m going to tell it my way.”

Ginger runs her own beauty salon and is almost the polar opposite of Melanie. She’s pushy, quick to anger, and not shy about wanting to get her way.

Then, one night, someone rammed into the back of Ginger’s car at a stop intersection. Ginger insists the jerk was trying to kill her.  She is determined to track the offender down. That person fled the scene before the cops arrived. The creep didn’t check for survivors, didn’t leave a calling card, didn’t offer an apology. Ginger has major plans for what she’ll do when she gets her hands on him or her. Obviously, those plans don’t include hugs and kisses. They’re not Ginger’s style.

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Recent Cozy Mystery Releases

This is a list of some of the recently released cozy mysteries at Amazon.  Happy hunting!

  • REEL OF FORTUNE by Jana Deleon             
  • $5.99 
  • DEADLY DELIVERY by Hope Callaghan       
  • $0.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited’
  • BAT OUT OF SPELL by Amanda M. Lee       
  • $3.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • MURDER AT POOCH PARK by Cindy Bell
  • $0.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • SPELL OR HIGH WATER by Gina Lammana
  • $3.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • SPELL ON EARTH by Leighann Dobbs
  • $3.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • THE HAUNTED ISLAND by J. A. Whiting
  • $2.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • WAFFLES & WEEKENDS by Leena Clover
  • $0.99 Available in Kindle Unlimited

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An April Devoted to Paranormals


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My contribution to this genre comes in the Hetty Fox Cozy Mystery Series, where the ghost of Hetty’s college sweetheart moves in with the widow — much to the displeasure of her cat. And it’s Katy bar the door when those two get riled.


Thoughts on the Groundhog’s Forecast and a Link to a Free eBook

Thanks, perhaps, to the groundhog with his forecast of six more weeks of winter, my little corner of Illinois is about to slip back into the frigid season. Forecasters are calling for from one to three inches of snow for two days in a row. I guess that means we could end up with from two to six inches of the white stuff total. One of my favorite posts on social media sites these days says, “The groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, so I ate him.”

My sentiments exactly.

One of the few benefits from this inclement weather  is that it makes it easy to stay indoors and to read or write. I’m still working on my current project. It’s been slow going. I’ve had several non-writing tasks that needed handling. Those are now behind me, so I should be able to concentrate on completing the stories that are floating around in my head.

Your Free Read for today:


The police procedural Autumn Secrets is free at Amazon today. The series is written by Susan C. Muller and features the exploits of detective Noah Daugherty.  Click the cover to view the details.

Please note: Autumn Secrets was free when I published this post. I have no idea how long it will remain that way. On the other hand, you’re always free to follow the link and check.

Happy reading. Happy writing. And let’s hope the groundhog was wrong!