Melanie Hart Speaks

Melanie Hart has this to say for herself:
All of my life I’ve watched him cover the county, fairly, accurately, and without fear or favor to anyone. He treats a down-on-his-luck drifter with as much respect as he lavishes on the rich movers and shakers in town. They all count as equal in his book.
And that’s why I live here in Dad’s house and work for a salary that would shame nine-tenths of the students in my graduating class. I want to follow in Dad’s footsteps. I want to make the world as fair for those struggling up life’s ladder as it is for the highborn.
Given Father’s high principles, how could I let a murderer walk away free?
Meanwhile, sidekick, Ginger Black, says this:
Well, Melanie might get all noble about this. Maybe even win an award for her high standards, who knows? But you ask why I want to track down crooks? I’m in it for the fun.
I think it’s super when the scumbags in life get what they deserve. I enjoy seeing that happen, and if I help bring their downfall about, better yet. That’s why I encouraged Melanie to team up with me to solve crimes. I believe she’s got the smarts to figure things out. Plus, I know a whole lot of people, cause I party a lot. United, we make one dang, good crime-solving team.