Anna Drake

Anna DrakeWriting is a pursuit I’ve always enjoyed, even as a young girl growing up on a small grain farm in North Central Illinois. I was the youngest of three daughters. Being the baby to sisters who were considerably older, I spent a great deal of time living in my imagination, so perhaps writing is a logical fit for me.

I’ve worked as a reporter, a radio news director, a college adviser, a bank teller, and a waitress. I also took a summer job at grain elevator where I weighed the arriving  trucks filled with freshly harvested corn.

When not writing, I’m often found reading…especially mysteries. One of my greatest joys as a young girl was discovering a stash of Nancy Drew books in the attic. They launched a lifetime passion in me.  I’m also fond of gardening, quilting, and spending time with family and friends.

I presently live in a small town in Illinois with my black cat named: Jasper.