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I’m currently hard at work on my fourth Hetty Fox mystery. It’s great fun for me to be spending time again with Hetty and Andrew and Blackie. As usual, we are mystified by an outrageous murder, but we are enjoying the challenge of tracking another killer down⸺that is when Andrew and Blackie can get along with each other long enough for us to get some work done.

The idea for Hetty’s haunting by Andrew stems from an older television show called “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.” Of course the problem for both me and Hetty is we are rather hard headed women who don’t believe all that much in ghosts. This amounts to a problem for Hetty  and and enjoyable complication of the stories for me.

Bones & Boxes, the first book in this series is free today.

Thanks for visiting my website and following along on this writing adventure with me, Happy reading to you no matter what book you choose to lose yourself in. Reading is golden.

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