Jack Ryan Series from Amazon Prime: Two Views

I confess when the Jack Ryan series went live on Amazon Prime, I immediately binge watched the entire first season: twice! I’ve always been fond of the Tom Clancy character. I couldn’t wait to see what Amazon made of him.

For my part, I wasn’t disappointed. Yes, you have to overlook the time warp. In this version, Ryan is a younger man in this present year than he is in the earlier stories which were set in the past. That didn’t bother me a bit. If it’s a good Jack Ryan story, I take it anyway it comes and any time it comes.

But apparently not all reviewers approved of story as much as I did. Here’s a review from the Real Book Spy which covers two opposite opinions on the series. It makes for interesting reading and didn’t dampen my enjoyment of the program a bit.

The Real Book Spy article comes from this issue of Crime Fiction Links of the Week from Indie Crime Scene, which never fails to present interesting take on today’s crime fiction. Be sure to visit the site to enjoy other fascinating reports.

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