Ginger’s Revenge

I’m deviating from the normal with my latest book in the Melanie Hart series. Melanie is a reporter who works at her father’s newspaper. She is polite, careful, and  rarely goes off on tangents. She also usually narrates these books. This time her sidekick, Ginger Black, has insisted on stepping on center stage and laying out the tale.

As Ginger puts it: “This is my story and I’m going to tell it my way.”

Ginger runs her own beauty salon and is almost the polar opposite of Melanie. She’s pushy, quick to anger, and not shy about wanting to get her way.

Ginger'sThen, one night, someone rammed into the back of Ginger’s car at a stop intersection. Ginger insists the jerk was trying to kill her.  She is determined to track the offender down. That person fled the scene before the cops arrived. The creep didn’t check for survivors, didn’t leave a calling card, didn’t offer an apology. Ginger has major plans for what she’ll do when she gets her hands on him or her. Obviously, those plans don’t include hugs and kisses. They’re not Ginger’s style.

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