I Am Woman; Watch Me Change My Mind.

Some time ago, I announced that I was working on the third Melanie Hart book. Well, here I am today to announce it’s a Hetty Fox book which is under production.

What the hay?

I changed my mind, okay? Hetty is, at this moment, more popular with readers than Melanie. I know, that’s not fair. but who says life is fair? Or as one of my friends once said: fair is a place where they sell cotton candy.

And for those of you wondering what Hetty looks like, she might look something like this.

Now, I ask you, would you really want to tangle with this woman? Heaven knows I wouldn’t.


Actually my Melanie Hart production has seen some work. This third Melanie story, however, is being told by Ginger Black, Melanie’s outspoken friend who says this is her tale and she is going to tell it her way.

I can’t wait to finish that book.!

Meanwhile, what’s up with me, the insignificant author of all this merriment?

Well, I’m almost over a bout of flu. Thank heavens.

The Christmas decorations are back inside their closets and cubby holes for another year.

I survived an outrageous cold spell, and now face a round of ice. Electrical outages anyone?  I have my fingers crossed.

But through it all, rest assured, I WILL CONTINUE TO WRITE!

Happy January and may we all face a better February.

Just think, Valentines Day is next up.

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Happy reading and writing,

Anna Drake




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