Mystery Cookies?




Being an everything-mystery kinda gal, I decided to see if anyone had come up with a thing called mystery cookies. Well, just my luck, they have. Apparently, several someones have done it as a matter of fact. But this is the first recipe of that name that turned up on my search page. It’s from the magazine Midwest Living. Which is kinda funny since that’s where I live and both of my fictional leading ladies hail from there aswell.

Please feel free to make these cookies. Then let me know how they turned out. I’m so not a baker. I never get the instructions right. My worst attempt was the time I forgot to add the flour, and the butter mixture dripped off the cookie sheet and started a fire on the oven floor. Oddly enough, my mother was a gifted baker.

So yup. I’d rather write than bake. But if you’re a baker and mystery lover, please. try these out. How can they go wrong with the word mystery in the title? 

Get the recipe here.

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