Latest 99-cent Mystery Sale

Mysteries and Thrillers

Crowe 3 (7)If you like mysteries check out these priced for today and tomorrow at only 99 cents. A wide selection of books and authors for this weekend only.My As the Crowe Dies is among the offerings. In this book the death of a high school math teacher creates chaos within the school. And with one of Melanie Hart’s good friends suspected of being killer, Melanie has to step in to make sure only the guilty are punished.

Check out the full selection here.

3 Replies to “Latest 99-cent Mystery Sale”

  1. I purchased a copy of your rainy day mystery and have enjoyed it, but found something amiss. In the scene where Betty visits the yarn store near the site of the second murder, she admires some cashmere yarn and keeps calling it wool. Now, I’m a native of the West Coast and I know usages differ, but she had already commented that the store carried goat yarn, a rarity. Cashmere is a goat yarn, and unless her local yarn store specializes in acrylic yarns, it probably will have a few “goat” yarns from time to time. Also, cashmere usually isn’t called wool, but just yarn.

    I obviously knit too much…


    1. Thank you for pointing this out. Where was my mind? I will correct it for future readers. Plus as a special, if you enjoyed the book, please use the comment form on my web page, and I’ll send your a coupon for a free copy of Bones & Boxes from Smashwords.

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