Happy Valentine’s Day with Three Free Books!


untitled-design-2In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m offering three Smashwords coupons to bring you free books. While technically mysteries, they all have a healthy dose of romance mixed in with the murders.

Murderous Relations features a shy teacher who is pushed out of her shell when her beloved aunt is murdered. She’s fresh off a failed relationship and not looking for love. But you know how that goes. And now that she’s been dumped, she’s left to figure out the direction of the rest of her life, as well as prove to the cops that she wasn’t her aunt’s killer.

For your free copy of Murderous Relations, enter coupon code SW100 at checkout.

Death among the Roses is the first book in the Melanie Hart Cozy Mysteries series. A small-town reporter more interested in traffic accidents, ugly dog contests, and spelling bees than men, she’s stunned when a handsome stranger walks into her life. Additionally as an ace reporter for the small newspaper her father owns, Melanie is eager to cover her very first murder story. But, as is often said, be careful what you wish for.

For your free copy of Death among the Roses, enter coupon code KY34Q at checkout

Bones & Boxes is the first book in the Hetty Fox Cozy Mystery series. Hetty is a widow who moves to a small town to live near her daughter only to find the ghost of her college heart-throb has moved in along with her. Considering he’s a ghost, Hetty rather wishes he’d move out. On top of that, her cat can’t stand him either, which drives Hetty to distraction. Of course, since this is a mystery, there’s also a dead body or two cluttering up the works.

To receive your free copy of Bones & Boxes, enter coupon code RV92J at checkout.

All three books are currently available at other retailers at regular price.


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