Plans for 2017

untitled-designOne of my prime goals for the new year is to write a romantic suspense novel. In fact, I’m going to be starting that book within the next two or so weeks. Another new undertaking for me will include posting said story to Wattpad.

For those unfamiliar with that site, Wattpad is a website to which writers post stories for all to read for free. What I envision for 1017, is to post first drafts of all my books there for people to read along as I write them. Those wanting to post comments or suggestions or …. even corrections… are welcome and encouraged to do so. Think of it as a sort of beta reader experience for those who don’t want to be burdened with that label.

I view it as a fun experience for me and for readers, although I recognize, it might also be painful for me from time to time based on how honest readers are. But that’s the life of a writer.

So far this year I  have one novel under construction. It’s a Melanie Hart Cozy mystery titled: Murder in the Heartland. (Hey, we’ve just gone through a national election. How could I not respond with a story of a candidate, a reporter, and a murder? Sounds par for the course, right?

Well, of course not. But fiction is called fiction for a purpose, Right?)

Of course, as those of you who read the Melanie Hart series know, my reporter is a small-town person. And the politician in this instance is running for reelection in her very small town. That’s what makes this a story a cozy. But don’t for a minute think small town means the candidate is an innocent, laid-back politician. Such a critter has never been known to exist. All elections matter “hugely” in the eyes of those running for office. Never for a second doubt it.

So, I will post here when the first chapter of that novel goes up. I’m hoping to follow it at Wattpad in very quick order with the first chapter of my very first romantic suspense novel.

I will say though, that my  first book, Murder Relations, is very close to a romantic suspense story. It’s also been my very best seller. So we’ll see how all this shakes out.

Happy writing. Glorious reading. And best always,

Anna Drake

And  be sure to follow this blog to learn how all of this shakes out.

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