Nearer and Nearer Comes ‘As the Crowe Dies’

The editing on As the Crowe Dies has been a slow grind. I became bogged down in revisions, not that they weren’t needed, but they certainly soaked up my time. In fact, the entire project became so absorbing that I’ve decided to change my writing pattern from hereon out. When working on future books, I will write in the morning and edit what I just wrote that afternoon. The change probably won’t end the much dreaded last edit, but I’m hoping it will cut the amount of time it requires — and the pain.


So, what caused this chaos? I let a thread slip into the story, which, as I neared the end of the novel, became unacceptable to me. I decided that you, my dear readers, would not like what was there. So, out came the offending material, leaving me with a bit of a tangled mess, and feeling, sometimes, as though it didn’t pay to get out of bed. But I sucked in a deep breath and revised what everything that needed changing, or so I thought until I hit the editing phase, and there in dark little corners were slender tidbits of the old story line delighting in having tripped me up.

They came on top of the routine editing corrections one always faces: the elimination of repeated words, the correction of failed descriptions, and the addition of muscles to scenes that need strengthening. Then come the checks to correct typos and to hunt out absent quote marks and periods and such. I cannot help but think that doing some of this during the writing of the work, and not at the end, will make life easier. Or so I hope.

But in the end, the work was worth it. The book is tighter, stronger, and carries a story line that should not offend you. Now, the publication date is looming, and I’m growing excited again.

I think even the characters are catching the new mood, except for poor Ginger, who the other day offered up this thought:


See, what I mean? But Ginger is her own woman and almost never behaves herself, does she?

Happy reading, everyone.

Anna Drake





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