Wow. I ran a giveaway of Death among the Roses this weekend, and you, my dear readers, responded wonderfully well. Thank you. The book’s rank reached as high as #2 for a free cozy culinary mystery. I’m elated.

It’s a crazy thing to sit alone in some nook or office and bang out words without any idea of whether they’ll be met with delight or disdain. I sometimes wonder what keeps writers  going, but the answer is simple, it’s you, the readers. Without you, the time writers spend at their keyboards would be wasted. Because most of us don’t write for money. That’s just a side benefit. Even if all those free copies I moved this weekend were converted to paid sales, the money wouldn’t go far. It’s hard to earn money as a writer. Even in this day, when writers don’t all have to go through the winnowing process of submitting to a publishing house.

But that doesn’t have most of us laying aside our keyboards. We enjoy telling stories. We enjoy connecting with readers. And thank you for bringing that home to me yet again this past weekend.

So until next time, one and all, happy reading!