Another Way to Get the Word Out on New Books

Beyond the challenge of writing the book, there’s also the question of getting the word out to your faithful fans that there’s a new book to be had. That’s no small point, especially today when so many books are available. I currently offer many ways for readers to learn of my new publications. But recently, I’ve added another channel. And I think it’s a spiffy one offered by the mighty Amazon.

Apparently a lot of writers don’t think or even know about this option. I certainly didn’t until it was pointed out to me recently in a popular forum. The service is available to writers on their author’s page, where a shiny little star pops up in the left hand corner and encourages visitors to mark the author as one of their favorites. Check it out.

A large number of clever self publishers have been encouraging readers to sign up for information in new releases for a long time now. Typically, they use an email service such as MailChimp to collect the email addresses of fans. Then, when their novel’s finished, they send out an email and hopefully reap the rewards by having their readers click book to buy it.

I haven’t done that yet, but I have added the link to my Amazon Authors page on the Home Page of this website. There, I urge them to add me as one of their Amazon favorite authors. It’s quick. It’s convenient. And hopefully, it’s effective.

I also run a sign up sheet on the website and provide links to my Facebook page and Twitter account. With more and more books being published daily, building your fan base is becoming more important than ever before. Providing a number of ways to help fans track your books – really makes sense to me.

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