The Great Joe, otherwise known as that self-publishing giant, Joe Konrath, posted a worthy message on his blog today. It’s one I often forget because I’m hard as nails and unlikely to let anyone pull a fast one on me. But they’re out there. Those publishing houses eager to lure writers in with promises of an easy road to self-publishing land.

They’ll provide all kinds of services for writers. The only problem is those services carry hefty fees. Writers are far better off hiring their own experts to format, edit, and proof their own books. The end result will be, in all likelihood, just as good a product at a much lower cost to the writer.

Joe recommends you read his blog to earn an in-depth education on self publishing, and I think he has a point. So if you’re new to the self publishing world, take a minute or day or two, and read up on this crazy, wonderful, and sometimes risky craft. To do so, give his blog a visit because the old adage in this business is still, Writer Beware!