Another Giveaway Weekend!

mdnewlLast week it was a short story. This week my gift to you is a full-fledged novel. Our heroine, Victoria Cross, is a little challenged. Work, home, husband, child, it”s a lot to handle. But then a stranger calls, and Victoria’s life careens into a direction she never imagined possible. What, she wonders, is she to do? Handle the details? Mind her own business? Ignore this handsome stranger?

The trick, Victoria soon learns, is deciding what she wants.  But obviously choosing is one thing. Ending up where she wants to be is something else. Especially when a killer cares not at all what Victoria prefers. Never has our heroine felt so all alone. Even she isn’t certain just how all this will work out. This weekend only, download the novel for free at Amazon.

On a side note, I’m enjoying these Weekend Giveaways. I’ve a notion to keep them going. Last week’s short story featuring Sheriff Delton Ross did very well in terms of downloads. Plus, if you’re enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, The Capture is still available for free! Such a deal! Who could resist? The Capture may be downloaded at Amazon also.

For those of you who might have wanted further information on the eight-hour fiction-writing challenge, it is coming. I caught a nasty computer virus this week, but I’m back up to speed now. Fingers crossed.

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