Murderous Tales


Book 1: Murderous Relations

MR2 (1)


Death stalks a teacher during Christmas break

Jessica Chase heads out from her teaching job in Chicago to spend the holidays in her home town. But the trip of her dreams turns out to be anything but. Murder has upset the order of things in tiny Wyndale,. And Jessica is soon caught up in its grip. The restful vacation she so longed for vanishes to be replaced with fresh challenges and risk.


Book 2: Murderous Decisions


Be careful what you wish for.

Occasionally, Victoria Cross dreamed of possessing fabulous wealth. But when her dream comes true, she quickly learns the wisdom of being careful what you wish for. After all, she already has a husband she loves and a son she adores. It’s just the ruthless killer she hadn’t counted on.

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  1. My pleasure! Scribd is a new outlet for Indie Authors through the Smashwords distribution network. I’m excited about it. I think it’s great for readers, and I’m hoping it will be a plus for writers, too.

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