News, Views and Clues on the Global Ebook Scene – It’s Bigger Than You Think!

I don’t know how many of you consider the foreign book market, but this post should encourage you to have a look. It’s amazing that I can sit here in a very small Illinois town and have books selling in such a wide variety of locations. I hope you enjoy this article.

Mark Williams - The International Indie Author

Welcome to the Ebook Bargains UKofficial Blog.

We send out a semi-regular newsletter to our advertising authors and publishers with news, views and clues about what’s happening in the world beyond the US ebook market, and the feedback has been great. But until lnow there’s been no opportunity for readers to share their views and news with others. Hence this blog, which is aimed anot just at EBUK advertisers but at anyone interested in the international English-language ebook scene.

This blog launch post is a little (okay, a lot!) longer than the norm, but we think you’ll find it well worth reading through.  Please feel free to have your say, ask questions, point out any errors, etc, in the comments section below.


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