Pleased with Smashwords’ Series Management Tool

Had to take a quick moment to post a thought on the new Smashwords’ series tool. Its arrival could not have come at a better time for me.

I was considering starting a mystery series with a bit of a different focus than my current novels, which are basically stand alone books, but all targeted to a certain type of read. That is, Murderous Relations and Murderous Decisions both deal with what happens to  different types of women when murder intrudes in their lives. I plan to write more ‘murderous’ (I know, what was I thinking!) novels. Again, they will focus on individual women as they deal with the thrills and chills murder has brought into their lives.

The new series will differ in that the books will have two recurring characters, Angela Clark and Mickey Carter, who ferret out the trouble and run the criminals to ground. From my early work on book two, I’m hopeful this may prove a good run. The books will be novella length and the first book is basically just a very short story called, A Long Way Home. It may be accessed here.

But while I was stoked on the concept of running the two sets of books. I was unsure how to delineate them from each other. I considered publishing them under different pen names. But I thought that would be clunky and time-consuming and besides, I wasn’t sure I wanted to divide my audience.

Then, along came the new series management tool at Smashwords, and my dilemma was solved. They will now be clearly marked as two different series both under my present name. Thank you, Smashwords. I am so pleased.

Sometimes, all  life requires in this book business is being in the right place at the right time — and a creative partner with bright, new ideas.  😉