Gaga for this post

Rarely do I go gaga over a blog post, but not so with this post from Writer Unboxed. (Read it here.) I think it summarizes today’s publishing world in the best of all possible manners. Why, indeed, should one arm of the current publishing frenzy denigrate another? Who says we cannot mutually coexist or even flip from one side to the other? Why should all authors feel compelled to be socially active or even possibly overactive in our search for readers? Why can we not be ourselves? And if we’re the sort to feel most comfortable in our rabbit holes, ignoring the world at large, why can we not do that as well??

We can, according to the author of Writer Unboxed. We can be pantsters. or planners, or love to connect with people. or be private in the extreme.We can be traditionally published or willing to put ourselves forward on our own.  It’s all  our option. It’s the nature of today’s publishing world, says Writer Unboxed. And I’m with her all the way!

So, happy writing, happy reading! (For me it’s back to my third reading of The Hunger Games and its sister stories.)

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