Latest 99-cent Mystery Sale


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Mysteries and Thrillers

If you like mysteries check out these priced for today and tomorrow at only 99 cents. A wide selection of books and authors for this weekend only.

My As the Crowe Dies is among the offerings. In this book the death of a high school math teacher creates chaos within the school. And with one of Melanie Hart’s good friends suspected of being killer, Melanie has to step in to make sure only the guilty are punished.

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Romantic & Paranormal Mysteries for 99 cents.


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It’s another round of GREAT DEALS. Today and tomorrow grab some paranormal mysteries for just 99 cents.

murder-3My book, A Rainy Day Murder, features Hetty Fox, a spunky, aging widow along with the ghost of her college sweetheart, who has attached himself to Hetty whether she wants him there or not.  Toss in a corpse or two, and Hetty indeed has her hands full.

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More 99-cent Mysteries


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My novel, As the Crowe Dies, will be part of a special sale this weekend. The book is the second offering in the Melanie Hart mystery series.

n this book Melanie faces the prospect of one of her dear friends being arrested for murder. But her faith remains unshaken. She knows he’s incapable of killing anyone. All she must do to clear her good friend is find the real killer. Yeah, right.

All the books in this sale are priced at just 99 cents. Fifty authors. Fifty novels up for your reading pleasure. Watch for more details here.

Books & Bargains



It’s READ an E-BOOK week at Smashwords with tons of bargains available for your reading pleasure. Two of my books, Death among the Roses and Bones & Boxes are  free for the week. But if my titles don’t appeal to you, there are a ton of other books to browse through. Click here to explore your many options.




In Death among the Roses, life turns serious when small-town reporter Melanie Hart comes across  the dead body of a dear friend. And after a little investigating it seems possible she didn’t know this person quite as well as she thought. But in the end, it’s buddy, Ginger Black who convinces Melanie their small town police chief needs their help. It is a suggestion as dangerous as perhaps far fetched. For killers seldom want to be found out.




Bones & Boxes features amateur sleuth, Hetty Fox. Hetty’s a woman who likes to believe she’s in control, so stepping up and helping her local lawman track a killer seems natural to her. Now, if only she could rid herself of this pesky ghost who’s moved into her new house with her life might be good. In the meantime, her cat, Blackie isn’t delighted to have a stranger in the house, either.

Whatever books you choose during this week of bargains, happy reading!



Excerpt from First Romantic Suspense Attempt

This is from the Prologue:

He’d followed this path home hundreds of times. He knew it better than he knew his own hand. So why on this night was his pulse racing? His hands sweating? He hunched his shoulders and picked up his pace.

Nerves. He shoved his hands deeper into his coat pockets and cast his gaze over the glistening snow. He sighed and watched his breath freeze into a white cloud before  him.

Nuts, dumping Christa had been so difficult. How could he know she’d take it so hard?

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