On Naked Writing: an Update


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blind-faith“So how’s it going,” you ask.

“Ah…. some wins, some losses,” I reply.

I’m speaking, of course of my first efforts at live writing. At putting each chapter up at Wattpad as it falls from my fingers. As far as how it is going,.. well, I’m posting more revisions than not.

I’m not all that surprised. It’s my usual modus operandi. I’ve never been a “first done, most won,” kind of writer. Which was my fear to begin with on this effort.

One section so far, the prologue, I have managed not to rewrite.

So here, in honor of my one suspected perfectly fetching scene, I share it.

(And if you want to disagree with me, that’s fine. Post your comments below.)


“He’d followed this path home hundreds of times. He knew it better than he knew his own hand. So why on this night was his pulse racing? His hands sweating? He hunched his shoulders and picked up his pace.

Nerves. He shoved his hands deeper into his coat pockets and cast his gaze over the glistening snow, He sighed and watched his breath freeze into an white cloud before before him.

Nuts, dumping Tyler had had been so difficult. How could he know she’d take it so hard?

He relived her fury as though she were standing here beside him. “How dare you,” she’d screamed as the tumbler tore past his ear. Her face red. A vein in her throat throbbing. “You don’t get to do this to me a second time. I won’t have it.”

He stepped past a string of pine trees. A punishing north wind slammed into him, Pushed him sideways He took a couple quick, dancer-like steps, arms flailing to avoid plunging into the frigid snow. He recovered, swore softly, pulled his coat collar tighter Sighing, he glanced down at his watch.

Late now. The street lights were on. But it was the pockets of blackness between lights that made the man shiver.

He needed to think. Needed to come up with an excuse for missing dinner.

He paused, cast a glance backwards. Had he heard something? Squinted. Shook his head. “Nothing there,” he muttered.

He set out again, his thoughts shifting to Angela. Faithful, beautiful, boring Angela. The perfect wife, who would one day morph into an exceptional mother. What had he been thinking? He was lucky to have her,

Had it been old habits or the siren song of a first love that had driven him back into Tyler’s arms? The woman was like a fine wine. Difficult for him to put down. But so what? He needed to stay focused on what he wanted. A respectable life. A nice home. A family.

Well, the affair was over, he thought with a grunt. He’d finished it this afternoon. He’d never slip up again.

He rounded a corner. A figure stepped out before him. He saw the glint of the knife just before it plowed through his thick coat and pierced his soft flesh.

“Angela,” he called out, but his cry was lost on the wind.”


If you want to follow along as I post additional chapters at Wattpad, here’s the link. WATTPAD

And don’t forget my other published stories. Links to those cozie mysteries can be found on my other pages here.

Thanks for reading.

Anna Drake

Happy Valentine’s Day with Three Free Books!


untitled-design-2In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m offering three Smashwords coupons to bring you free books. While technically mysteries, they all have a healthy dose of romance mixed in with the murders.

Murderous Relations features a shy teacher who is pushed out of her shell when her beloved aunt is murdered. She’s fresh off a failed relationship and not looking for love. But you know how that goes. And now that she’s been dumped, she’s left to figure out the direction of the rest of her life, as well as prove to the cops that she wasn’t her aunt’s killer.

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Death among the Roses is the first book in the Melanie Hart Cozy Mysteries series. A small-town reporter more interested in traffic accidents, ugly dog contests, and spelling bees than men, she’s stunned when a handsome stranger walks into her life. Additionally as an ace reporter for the small newspaper her father owns, Melanie is eager to cover her very first murder story. But, as is often said, be careful what you wish for.

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Bones & Boxes is the first book in the Hetty Fox Cozy Mystery series. Hetty is a widow who moves to a small town to live near her daughter only to find the ghost of her college heart-throb has moved in along with her. Considering he’s a ghost, Hetty rather wishes he’d move out. On top of that, her cat can’t stand him either, which drives Hetty to distraction. Of course, since this is a mystery, there’s also a dead body or two cluttering up the works.

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All three books are currently available at other retailers at regular price.


Writing Naked


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Share your book while you write it, someone suggested. “Are you kidding?” I replied. I do corrections. I revamp things, move chapters around. I even write a character out of a story here and there — now and again.

Somehow, though, the idea kept percolating around in this relentless mind of mine. And now, here I am, trying to get everything right the first time, hopefully enabling me to send words straight from my fingertips to your eyes.

I’m two chapters, plus a prologue into the experiment. I can’t judge how it’s going. I only know it’s pressure, but sometimes, pressure is good, right?

As if that’s not challenge enough, I’m also trying to write in what is for me a new genre. Up to this point, I have been primarily a cozy mystery writer. Nice, safe, murderous little tales that won’t send you looking out your windows trembling over what might be out there. But you see, I really love suspense.

Plus, my mystery books also include a love interest. I mean, give me a break, these are female sleuths. One, Melanie Hart, is a young news reporter who has developed a relationship with a CPA. He lives about five hours away. Then there’s Ginger, owner of the most popular beauty shop in the county, who enjoys teaming up with Melanie to hunt for killers. She’s always in search of a new man.

My other series features an elderly widow. She’s dealing with the ghost of her college heart throb. He’s moved into her house, and he loves giving her all kinds of fits.

So, see? I write a little romance, too.

So put all that together and what could be more logical than that I try writing a little Romantic Suspense.

(I know. I know. That’s an intensely crowded field, too. But these days, what isn’t?)

So if you want to have a laugh or discover what I hope will be a good book, feel free to follow along. It’s title is Blind Faith.

It’s under construction at Wattpad, where it may be read for free. Here’s the link. https://www.wattpad.com/story/98029457-blind-faith


An Older Child Gets a Facelift as I Undertake a New Genre


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mrnewThe first book I published has gotten a new face. Murderous Relations, my very first published novel, now has a new cover. First reactions seem promising.

This is not only my first book, but it is also my best selling book. It enjoyed a good run when first published at one retail outlet but languished at others. There is even one outlet where the book only sold two copies throughout  the many years it’s been on the market. But since slapping on a new cover, I’m up to 13 sales in one month on that particular site. Could one cover really make that much a difference?

Of course, I REALLY like the new cover.  I hope you  like it, too.

Murderous Relations was awfully close to being a romantic suspense story. But to reach that level, I’d have had to increase the percent of the story that was dedicated to romance. It’s in there. And is a lovely bit of matchmaking if I may say so. But  I would have had to cut back on the mystery and suspense elements to fulfill the romantic suspense genre expectations.


blind-faithNow, I’m working on a true romantic suspense story. During  my writing of what is a new genre for me, I’ve been playing around with covers for the story, which I have titled: Blind Faith. Here’s my latest effort at a cover for my first romantic suspense book. I think I like it. And I’d be thrilled if you did too:


Paranormal Cozy Mystery Sale



This is the last day for the paranormal cozy mystery sale, so step up now or miss your opportunity to snag some really good books at bargain prices. The stories also feature a romance thread, which makes them an even more impressive win. Could you ask for more?

My book, Bones & Boxes is the first book in the Hetty Fox series. Hetty is a recent widow, who when moving to a small Illinois town to be near her adult daughter, finds the ghost of her college sweetheart moving into her new home with her. Hetty not only finds his presence unsettling, but her cat, Blackie, takes in immediate dislike to the situation. Then there are all those pesky dead bodies Hetty finds herself having to deal with. But if my tale doesn’t tempt you, others very probably will.

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