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I write mysteries and suspense novels and short stories. Such works have been a passion of mine since I discovered Nancy Drew books. But I also fell in love with writers like Charles Dickens and Mark Twain then. Today, I still read a variety of genres  and authors. But my true love remains mysteries.

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Recently Released:

The Capture

capture2This is a short story written as part of an eight-hour fiction-writing challenge. In this tale, a fellow sheriff enlists Delton Ross’ help to capture an escaped prisoner. The man is reportedly armed and dangerous and may be headed for Ross’ home turf. Short of staff, Ross decides to check the situation out for himself. It’s against routine police procedures to go out alone, and the sheriff should know better than to do it. But Ross feels compelled to give his old friend a hand with rounding up this miscreant.  The story is available to buy or to borrow through Kindle Unlimited at Amazon.

 In Progress:

Death among the Roses

Death Among the Roses 7This is the first book in a humorous mystery series. The novel features ace-reporter, Melanie Hart, and her beautician sidekick, Ginger Black. Melanie is on her way to her best friend’s wedding when she discovers a corpse a few feet shy of the church door. Needless to say, the discovery ruins the day for a lot of people.  Read an excerpt.


As of today, this book is undergoing edits and revisions.
I’ll announce the exact publication date soon, but I expect to publish it around the middle of September.

Latest venture:

Murder on Main Street

MOMSThis is the second tale in the light-hearted Melanie Hart Mystery series. It’s Ginger Black this time who finds her world shaken by the discovery of a corpse seated on the doorstep of her beauty shop. Ginger soon persuades Melanie to join forces to track down their second killer, And, of course, they undertake the task with their usual madcap flair.


250 / 50000 words. 1% done!