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I write mysteries and suspense novels and short stories. Such works have been a passion of mine since I discovered Nancy Drew books. But I also fell in love with writers like Charles Dickens and Mark Twain then. Today, I still read a variety of genres  and authors. But my true love remains mysteries.

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Recently Released:


Death among the Roses

Death Among the Roses 7This is the first book in the Melanie Hart mystery series.  The novel features ace-reporter, Melanie Hart, and her beautician sidekick, Ginger Black. Melanie is on her way to her best friend’s wedding when she discovers a corpse a few feet shy of the church. The discovery ruins the day for a lot of people – including Melanie and Ginger.

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Coming soon:

The Case of the Missing Elf

missingelfGinger Black is in charge of the Downtown Business Association’s Santa’s Cabin. But the elf who keeps things running smoothly there has come up missing. Under Association Bylaws, Ginger must take over his duties until a replacement can be found. That means babysitting children who have been dropped off at the cabin while their parents shop. Melanie Hart thinks having Ginger anywhere near raucous children and a laughing fat man could lead to murder. So Melanie takes it upon herself to track the missing man down.

47145 / 50000 words. 94% done!

MOMSThis is the third novel in my Melanie Hart Mystery Series. In this tale Ginger Black finds her world shaken by the discovery of a corpse  on the doorstep of her beauty shop, The Cut & Curl. The victim’s been a good friend to Ginger. Possibly, he’s assisted more than a few women with various challenging tasks. Is that what’s landed him a starring role on the beauty shop’s front porch? Melanie and Ginger undertake to find the answer to that question and in the doing, unveil a nasty killer.

2774 / 50000 words. 6% done