Hi, I’m Anna Drake, author of the Melanie Hart Cozy Mysteries and other tales. I use this site to post various bits about myself, my books, and industry issues. Thanks for stopping by. Take your time. Poke around. Come visit often. I’m constantly updating the site.

In addition to providing challenging whodunits, my cozy mystery series also includes small town settings, a sweet romance or two, and two contrary but lovable heroines, who spend nearly as much time battling each other as they do tracking killers.

The “other tales” include novels and short stories, all falling within the crime genre. Murderous Decisions and Murderous Relations are novels that examine what happens when murder suddenly intrudes into a woman’s life. The short stories are from the adventures of a county sheriff as he nears his retirement years.

As to me, I’m a former small-town journalist who couldn’t quite quit writing. My greatest joy in life is being with my family and friends.  When not writing mysteries, I like to garden. Spring is my favorite season. Blue my favorite color. And reading ranks right up there with one of my favorite hobbies. Oh, and let’s not leave out spending time here with you.

As an additional note: All of the Melanie Hart Cozy Mysteries are available free for subscribers to Kindle Unlimited.


Coming Soon:

Murder on the Slopes

SlopesIn this book, Melanie Hart and Ginger Black head to a ski resort to grab some badly needed R&R. But just their luck, murder tags right along behind them. A sweet young woman has been killed. Police blame her handsome husband.  But Ginger sees the killing differently. And when Ginger gets her hands on a shiny idea, she seldom lets go of it. Thus Melanie soon finds herself up to her armpits in  heaping mounds of trouble.

This book is currently about 10 percent done.

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