Death among the Roses

DARtwit (2)


Life is good for Melanie Hart. She enjoys her role of lone reporter for the Cloverton Gazette, a small-town newspaper out in the midst of nowheresville in rural Illinois. She doesn’t even mind much having her father as a boss.

But when she’s pulled off the coverage of the only murder investigation to come along in Cloverton since she started work there, she’s more than a little upset. So when a friend suggests they team up to catch the killer themselves, Melanie ultimately decides the idea makes sense.

But in a small town where everyone knows everybody else’s business, how does an inexperienced sleuth unearth a hidden killer? Especially, before the killer learns he or she is being chased.


The Case of the Missing Elf


Ginger Black is in charge of the Downtown Business Association’s Santa’s Cabin. But the elf who keeps things running smoothly there has come up missing. Under Association Bylaws, Ginger must take over his duties until a replacement can be found. That means babysitting children who have been dropped off at the cabin while their parents shop. Melanie Hart thinks having Ginger anywhere near raucous children and a laughing fat man could lead to murder and sets out to track the missing man down.

This series may be read in any order.


Introducing Hetty Fox

Unraveling the tangled threads of (1)

Hetty Fox believes her greatest challenge is unpacking after her move to a small, Illinois town. Then the elderly widow discovers her first corpse and realizes her life will never be the same. Bones and Boxes, the first book in the Hetty Fox Cozy Mystery series, is due out around the middle of March.

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