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~ Melanie Hart Cozy Mysteries ~

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As the Crow Dies

A high school math teacher is murdered. A popular history teacher is under suspicion. A high school basketball star can’t keep his grades up. Meanwhile, Melanie Hart and friend, Ginger Black, decide to give the short-handed local police chief a hand with sorting things out. In so doing, the pair of amateur sleuths learn a lot about the kinds of things that go on at their local high school… and are amazed.

This book is 31% done!



Life is good for Melanie Hart. She enjoys her role of lone reporter for the Cloverton Gazette, a small-town newspaper out in the midst of NoWheresVille, Illinois. She doesn’t even mind much having her father as a boss.

But when she’s pulled off the coverage of the only murder investigation to come along in Cloverton since she started work there, she’s more than a little upset. So when a friend suggests they team up to catch the killer themselves, Melanie decides the idea makes sense.

But in a small town where everyone knows everybody else’s business, how does an inexperienced sleuth unearth a hidden killer? Especially, before the killer learns he or she is being chased.


MissingElf (3)Ginger Black is in charge of the Downtown Business Association’s Santa’s Cabin. But the elf who keeps things running smoothly there has come up missing. Under Association Bylaws, Ginger must take over his duties until a replacement can be found. That means babysitting children who have been dropped off at the cabin while their parents shop.

Melanie thinks having Ginger anywhere near raucous children and a laughing fat man could lead to murder and sets out to track the missing man down.

This series may be read in any order.

~ Hetty Fox Cozy Mysteries ~

A ghost, a dead body, and a cat. Hetty Fox has her hands full. Recently widowed and new to to town, she also must find her place among a village of strangers. That effort is how she discovers her first dead body and is what launches her into her first murder case.

But her effort to track a killer gets muddled as ghost, Andrew, and cat, Blackie, compete for her attention. Then there’s her daughter, Megan. How is Hetty to track a killer without tipping her off? Finally, mix in a clever killer, and Hetty finds herself truly challenged in this lighthearted, mystery novella.


~Now Available ~

Old Bones (1)

A ghost, a cat, and dead bodies continue to give Hetty Fox fits. This time it’s a corpse in the attic that comes with its own special twist. It’s dried out nearly beyond recognition.

But its discovery also leaves Hetty with a son-in-law facing scrutiny from her favorite detective. How can she not try to help her daughter’s husband? He is, after all, the father of her only two grandsons.


A Hetty Fox Short

High Stakes (3)The morning starts out normally enough for Hetty until her grandson calls. He insists she come help him catch his gerbil. But instead of tracking down a wayward pet, Hetty  ends up nose to nose with another corpse.

Poor Hetty. There’s apparently another killer on the loose. But her effort to track the killer down this time takes some creative help from her friendly ghost. And  Andrew, ever willing, proves himself more than equal to the task.



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